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The wall of wonders

Overture, 2010



A kid is jumping to the sea while a relative is waiting inside the water to catch him. 

Lunch Hour, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

Lunch Hour


La Punta is one of the most popular spot along Malecon and some local visitors spend several hours there swimming and having fun on summer time. Some bring their lunch or some snack to eat it there under the sun.

Personal Hygiene, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

Personal Hygiene


This person probably does not have good conditions to wash his cloths at home. So, he prefers cleaning his personal clothing using the sea water.

The Pet, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

The Pet


A man holds and cares a “JUTIA”, an endemic rodent from Cuba. This mammal inhabits in the west of the Island, in Pinar del Rio Province. It lives in trees and eats leaves and fruits. Its owner has been taking care of it as a pet for 3 years.

Heavyness, 2011 / The Wall of wonders



Cold fronts and Hurricanes are often during the months of August to November. Heavy clouds are approaching to the littoral from the north.

The Wave, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

The Wave


Malecon is a place to escape from daily life, to take risks and overcome fears. For kids, certainly, is the best place for having fun and improvising games (out from the water) especially with waves during cold fronts.

Nature Power, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

Nature Power


The sea wall avoids flood and offers resistance to the hit of strong waves. 

The Game, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

The Game


Children improvise games with the waves during cold fronts. There are certain areas in Malecon where waves get really high and this makes children’s improvising games more exciting without being in danger.

Kids, 2011 / The Wall of wonders



Although Malecon is a safe place to enjoy, children must be always under the supervision of their parents or relatives to avoid accidents.

The Family, 2012 / The Wall of wonders

The Family


All the members of a family are sharing and enjoying an afternoon at the sea wall.

Happy Face, 2012 / The Wall of wonders

Happy Face


A young mother enjoys the breeze with her children sat on the sea wall.

The Kiss, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

The Kiss


In summer time lots of young people go to socialize and spend a nice time with friends and couples.

Splash, 2012 / The Wall of wonders



Teenage like to show off and jump to do pirouettes to gain the people’s attention or just to compete to other members of their gangs to have fun.

Hungover, 2012 / The Wall of wonders



A drunkard sleeps in the rocks called diente de perro / teeth dog, due to its sharpie shapes.

The girl with the broken smaile, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

The girl with the broken smaile


A woman meditating seated in the rocks near the sea. Frequently people, who practice (Santeria) the Afro-Cuban religion, visit and approach the sea to ask blessings to YEMANYA OLOKUM, the Goddess of the sea.

The Statue, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

The Statue


Through a tire truck used to float in the water it is seen a teenage is jumping near the Francisco de Miranda statue. Miranda was a Venezuelan politician, a writer, a diplomat and a military who fought in different wars. Recently his statue was removed and settled down in another area of Malecon to avoid the weather condition deterioration. 

Sounding Silhouettes, 2012 / The Wall of wonders

Sounding Silhouettes


It is often to run into musicians along Malecon. These ones particularly were rehearsing in the monument of Calixto Garcia, a Cuban General from the Cuban-Hispano American War. The monument is situated on Malecon and Presidents Ave. in Vedado, Plaza Municipality.

Workers, 2013 / The Wall of wonders



The Havana Historian Office is the one in charge of doing great restorations in most of the old buildings that have historical value to our country. 

Steps on the Scaffold, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

Steps on the Scaffold


Up in a scaffold a worker is walking back and forth painting a façade of a building near 23rd and Malecon in Vedado, Plaza Municipality.

Willingness, 2014 / The Wall of wonders



A disabled person is exercising on the wall. In sunrises and sunsets is common to see people getting exercises along Malecon.   

Tarasca Burning, 2011 / The Wall of wonders

Tarasca Burning


The Spanish traditions are almost lost in Cuba. Tarasca is a mythological monster whose origin is from the folklore of Tarascon, a city situated in the south of France. The monster is represented by a huge figure with a big mouth and it is used in some catholic festivities or processions in Spain. The crowd joins the procession while listen to the drums and at the end of the march they watch how the Tarasca burns.

The princess of the Carnival, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

The princess of the Carnival


A group of young dancers is preparing for the Carnival’s parade.

Life is good, 2013 / The Wall of wonders

Life is good


Some participants are enjoying during the Carnival of Havana after midnight.

Hope in a new day, 2010 / The Wall of wonders

Hope in a new day


A couple of children playing using an empty can tied to a tape recording.

Broken, 2015 / The wall of wonders



A local taxi driver is waiting to be assisted by a friend. His Oldsmobile is broken.