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Similars & differentes

Twins playing with me, 2011 / Havana, Cuba

Twins playing with me


Twins playing with a ball hit the photographer’s camera and as a result, the camera hits the photographer’s head. They live near the San Lazaro Sanctuary in the suburbs of Havana, Boyeros Municipality.

Happiness cry, 2011 / Havana, Cuba

Happiness cry


Ernesto and Eduardo celebrating “The Pioneers’ Day” on April 4th at Pedro Albizu Campos primary school situated on 27th Street between M and L Streets. The Dominican hero’s bust is on the right of the picture.

Just on time, 2010 / Havana, Cuba

Just on time


Twins Marina and Gloria while I was asking them to stay for a moment to do a portrait of them in Central Park.

The gathering, 2013 / Havana, Cuba

The gathering


Some young mothers gather with their babies to chat and they share their experiences after attending to a checking routine in a Community Medical Center.

Tough guys, 2010 / Havana, Cuba

Tough guys


Twins sharing a cigarette. These tough guys are known in “Los Sitios” Havana Center neighborhood where they live for being helpful with children and elderly people.

Reflection, 2011 / Havana, Cuba



Fraternal twins walking on the Malecon with their mother. (After taking the picture I asked the woman if they were brothers and hopefully they were)

The riot, 2010 / Havana, Cuba

The riot


Amil and Adil are my neighbors and this was the picture which inspired me to do this series of twins in Cuba with my brother.

Double agent, 2012 / Havana, Cuba

Double agent


Lidier and Duvier, a couple of twins who are policemen on their duty. One of them did not like the idea to be a policeman but he just did it because he feels he needs to take care of his brother.

Having fun, 2010 / Havana, Cuba

Having fun


Twins playing in Malecón.

Friends, 2010 / Havana, Cuba



Twins standing in an interior of one of the building on Prado Avenue, across the Capitol in Old Havana.

The aged photograph, 2012 / Havana, Cuba

The aged photograph


Pedro y José have lived together and shared the same house with their families. In spite to the fact that housing is a serious problem in Cuba, all the members of their families get along

Love forever, 2011 / Havana, Cuba

Love forever


Twins Lourdes y Olga Roig in the living room of their apartment situated on Concordia Street No# 457. Centro Habana Municipality. They were cousin of the famous Cuban Musician and composer Gonzalo Roig.