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From inside

Loyal to his ideals, 2011 / From inside

Loyal to his ideals


Since 1966, Pablo Morales Perez had lived in an edification built for keeping carriages in the XIX century on Acosta Street located in Old Havana.

The retired 82 year old man used to share his apartment with his son, daughter in law and 2 babies.

In 2012, the government provided to them a shelter to live.  Three months later after moving to the new apartment he passed away.

In spite of their necessities and being run out of money, he was always loyal to his ideals.

Sacred heart of Jesus, 2010 / From inside

Sacred heart of Jesus


The Cuban population is mostly religious.  Catholic religion and Santeria ( Regla de Ocha) are the most popular among Cubans. During de special period (the economic crisis in the 90’s) it was an increment of desperate people looking for spiritual support.

The cage, 2014 / From inside

The cage


A couple of women and a bird in its cage are warming with the rays of light during a morning of our winter season which is very short.

Deep into my skin, 2014 / From inside

Deep into my skin


During the 90’s Homosexuals did not have the support from the Cuban government. This situation did not help to their economic and social fields for most of them. Now the reality is different and this provides to the gay community a proper insertion in the Cuban society. The travesty Fara in her apartment in Centro Habana Municipality is looking for a dress to wear at night.

It is not Stoks season, 2013 / From inside

It is not Stoks season


Most of young people ignore the importance of being “sexually responsible” and frequently they do not keep steady relationships. Some are not concerned about the protection to avoid AIDS/STI. Besides these, the emotional and the socioeconomic difficulties strongly affect the mother and the baby.  An adolescent is with her baby in a local taxi in Havana Center Municipality.

The Waiting


A child is waiting for her parents to pick her up in a preschool class in Prado Ave, between Virtudes and Animas Streets. Centro Habana Municipality.

The Lesson, 2011 / From inside

The Lesson


There are places to practice shooting to a target and they are situated in different places in Havana. Kids and adults have access to them as part of a leisure activity. A grandpa is teaching his grandson how to shoot in a recreation center located on Brazil Street, in Old Havana Municipality.



The imperial Eagle tattooed in the back of a man in Havana.



International and local artists provide beauty with their art in different communities.  Kids are playing on a street where a mural outstands the city. 

The Grocery, 2012 / From inside

The Grocery


The government has supplied part of the basic food for several years to people in Cuba with the help of the ration notebook and ration stores, but this has not being enough to cover all the necessities . This ration store is situated on the corner of Empedrado and Aguacate streets, Old Havana Municipality.

From the palm tree grows, 2011 / From inside

From the palm tree grows


It’s the line for the P11 bus that travels from Alamar to El Vedado. Alamar is a large community located on the east side of the capital with irregular transportation.

The picture was taken through the windows of the bus P11, just across the Presidents Avenue where people do the line to catch it. An interesting element in the composition is the Royal Palm, our national tree.

Giron parade


In April 16th, 1961 mercenaries attacked with planes and afterwards disembarked an army on Giron beach, in Matanzas province. The imperialism intended to destroy the Cuban Revolution; however, they suffered a colossal defeat. Students from the Instructors Art School “Eduardo Garcia Delgado” celebrate the victory of the Giron battle in the Revolution Square.

A new era


That is way, it is never served to an ideology, because it is not served to ideas, it is served to people. “  One of the statements Pope Francisco “Missioner of Misericord” said in the Revolution Square on September 20th 2015.

The decision, 2011 / From inside

The decision


A young man is been tattooed at his friend’s apartment who is a private worker. Most prefer to do it this way or leaving the country to look for better incomes.

My neighbor Pepe


The bust of our National Hero, José Martí next to a window of a house located on 152 Street, in Cojímar, just in front of the restaurant “La Terraza” where Hemingway used to visit. I think every Cuban would love to have a neighbor like him, the greatest of all Cubans. In Cuba people whose name is Jose are called Pepe.